People Share Hilarious Things From The Land Of ‘Nope’, Australia

It’s quite possible to encounter weird things in Australia. People share hilarious things from the land of ‘nope’, Australia, and here are 40 of the funniest ones.

1. The Same Sex Marriage Debate In A Nutshell

hilarious thingscol381

2. This Is Patrick Boyle. He Went Around Mallacoota Searching For Injured Wildlife. Pictured Is One Of The Koalas He Had Rescued. Shoutout To The Legend


3. Spotted In A Sunshine Coast Woolworths

hilarious thingsCaptain_cranky_au

4. Our Cat Came Home After Missing In The Fires For 7 Nights. She’s Burnt But Should Live. We Thought Her Lost When The Fire Consumed Most Of Our Property. Best Feeling Ever To Walk Out And See Her Alive


5. Why Are You Littering?

hilarious thingsSydneyTom

6. Funko Just Released A Pop On Popcultcha (A Pop And Collectable Website) Of A Bushfire Hero. All Proceeds Go To Bushfire Efforts


7. After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone!

hilarious thingsCtrldKilla

8. My Physics Teacher Defended Her House From Bushfires By Herself, And Then Waited Out The Fire In Her Pool Using A Scuba Tank


9. Had The Window Open And He Just Flew In. Bena, Victoria

hilarious thingsGandalf-the-fool

10. Too Hot For Jesus In Queensland!