What Are The Lesser-Known Problems Of Being An Unattractive Woman?


unattractive womanCute_Mousse_7980

I was ugly as a pre-teen and teenager, and whenever I said that some other woman was mean to me, I just got told “oh you are just jealous of them!”. Like, wtf, no?!

It also felt like people were able to bully me as much as they wanted to and that my claims were untrue. Just because I was ugly doesn’t mean I was lying. Somehow ppl just trust attractive people more for some crazy reason.

These days I’m cute, but I don’t put much effort in. Sometimes people get annoyed at me for not “using my potential”. No, I don’t wanna spend 1h each morning applying makeup. Who do I wanna impress? I’m cute enough to not be treated like s**t, and I have no desire to be hit on or looked at by every random dude. Let me just live my life ok?



I think growing up the “ugly duckling” can have bad effects on your mind and cause you to put up with bad behaviour from men. I legit thought I was ugly and unlovable and that I was lucky to have any guy interested, so I had a beggars mindset and put up with his terrible behaviour.

It’s now that I realise that I had actually had a glow up and hadn’t realised. I look at old photos and see a beautiful young woman. I was just so stuck in my past that I couldn’t embrace myself or be confident.

Your perception of yourself really does determine how you let others treat you



That specific feeling when everyone gathers to take a group picture and hands the phone to me to take it. Ouch


unattractive womanblopdab

People leaving you for your best friend when they realise she’s prettier.

No she hasn’t ever gotten with them, but they’ve left with the intention of getting with her



Being called sir in shops. Not being able to contribute to the conversation when other women share stories of men hitting on them because it never happens


unattractive womandallasdina

well as a chubby and “ugly” person, most often people think you are dumb and uninteresting and you have no right to date/like attractive people because they are out of your league. when I was a teen people would say straight to my face that I was ugly…they don’t say it anymore, but I can feel it…ahahah



Guys lying saying you’re obsessed with them just to get other girls to laugh and be like “eww really??”


unattractive womantealgirl94

I hate when people comment or say, ‘I wanna have your self-esteem/confidence!’ as if it was a compliment. It isn’t — they’re just using other words to call the person ugly.



A guy telling me “He usually wasn’t attracted to women like me” in other words fat girls.



unattractive womandaydreaming-g

Being 21 and knowing there is a big chance you have to live your life alone and never getting married.

Lots of people gonna say nooo you find the right one eventually but then I always think of my teacher who looked like me and she was 50, never been married and living alone with two cats.