What Are The Lesser-Known Problems Of Being An Unattractive Woman?

A Reddit user asked ‘What are the lesser-known problems of being an unattractive woman?’ and here are 30 of the responses.

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unattractive womandontbesuspecious1

People being rude to you, especially men. If they’re not attracted to you, then you don’t deserve respect nor decency.



If a skinny, pretty girl dresses super casual with no effort, it’s cute and trendy, but if I do it I’m lazy and don’t care about my looks.


unattractive womantaco_h0e

When someone does genuinely find you attractive and you think it’s a joke



As a fat woman: not being able to go to 90% of my doctor’s visits without my weight being brought up. I mean, that’s fine in a checkup or physical, but if I go in because I have a sinus infection, I don’t really feel the need to discuss how fat I am right at that moment unless it’s somehow going to clear up my sinus infection.


unattractive womanthedjmk

Oh, I’m excited for this one. I’m pretty attractive, I get hit on regularly – I’m attractive enough to appeal to a wide swathe of individuals, but not so attractive as to be intimidating.

But I wasn’t always, for five years I was fat because of medication. Last year, I got super toned and lost the weight when I went off the meds. I’m now training for competitive powerlifting.

I was cute before I gained the weight, but somehow, my thirties have been amazing – this weight loss left me with anime eyes and cut cheekbones, a look I’ve never had before.

I am treated better in every facet of my life and it has given me genuine body dysmorphia that I have been in therapy for.

Men offer me free things, they constantly hit on me; women ask for advice constantly, and all ANYONE wants to discuss is how I look, which is the least interesting f**king thing about me.

Pretty privilege and thin privilege are absolutely real, and the worst part is finding out that my biggest fear – that I was worth less to society when I weighed more – was absolutely f**king true.

Thanks, society, for the super awesome body dysmorphia you have now given me.

What’s interesting is that I spent so many years in the shadows that I have zero interest in coming out of them anymore, but just like when I was fat, people think they have some sort of right to discuss my appearance blatantly.

It’s disgusting, and all it does is show how incredibly undervalued women are for anything other than our looks.



That no matter how often your significant other tells you that you’re beautiful, you constantly compare yourself to more attractive women and feel that you’ll never be enough.


unattractive womanGettingThere1212

People thinking that you don’t have the right to like yourself or thinking that your confidence is ‘brave.’ F**k off.



Spending ages trying to dress up nicely only to go outside and realize that everyone else is still a million times more attractive than you.


unattractive womankhajiitidanceparty

Being invisible next to your friends. They’re all having fun, and you just sit there, and no one is talking to you



Unsolicited weight loss/health advice (that is often wrong and does not consider my health at all) and unsolicited advice on how to be attractive to men.