What Are The Lesser-Known Problems Of Being An Unattractive Woman?


unattractive womanbbbbbbb9999

That you should be grateful that any man wants to sleep with you and it’s selfish to think that you deserve to be in a relationship with respect. I’m apparently fine to sleep with but heaven forbid they take me outside the house and be seen with me even if they themselves aren’t conventionally attractive.



It’s a lot harder in the office. Women have a hard enough time rising to higher ranks or being taken seriously but it’s very annoying when the pretty women are taken more seriously. Heck same is true for men. Good looks win jobs


unattractive woman_Lilith_89

Most men assumed that I was going to be easy — as in easy to have sex with — because they think I have no self-esteem and seek validation with sex.



People constantly trying to fix me. My aunty asked me how I was going to get a man with a body like mine and my dressing style. Mind you, she is pushing 50 with no man, but OK.


unattractive womanmarymoon77

Fewer job opportunities. Attractiveness plays a part in getting hired.



Empathy and sympathy. People want to comfort you when you’re the cute, pretty crier, protect you. I rarely see ugly people being the face of depression or mental illness on social media.

Not so much when you’re ugly. It’s kind of just awkward.


unattractive womanSensitiverock85

Sometimes I feel bad for my partner, thinking he’s embarrassed or could do better.



When I was fat, they would hit on my significant other right in front of me. When I’m slim, they look at him and immediately look at the floor and walk away.


unattractive womanCyclibant

I lost a lot of weight after getting married & you’d be surprised how many people have said to me “Awww, he loved you for what you were on the inside!” The implication of course being he didn’t find me attractive before but for some reason pursued me anyway – girl, what?



I was treated differently than my attractive friends. People were less helpful to me, left me out of everything (especially photos), and only wanted me around when it suited them.