30 Amazing Secondhand Vintage Lamps

11. Octopus Lamp Found At The Johnson Terminal Antique Mall In Winnipeg

 vintage lampsLibby Schmidt

12. Bought This Lamp From A Very Lovely Woman During A Moving Sale Recently And I Don’t Think I Was Able To Express My Gratitude Enough For Selling Me This Amazing Piece. Yes, It Is A Woman Riding A Dolphin. Yes, It Is Now My Favorite Thing Ever

 vintage lampsSavannah Crutchley

13. I Found This Stunning Tree Of Life Lamp At The Goodwill In Ft Myers! It Is So Awesome, That The Spouse Said, “That’s Really Cool, Did They Have Two?”. He Really Doesn’t Get It!! It Is All One Giant Piece Of Wood. The Detail Is Amazing. I Feel So Fortunate To Have Gotten For Only $19.00!

Kimberly O’keefe

14. I “Found” This Broken Street Lamp Globe On The Side Of The Road And With Some Cleaning, Gluing, And Christmas Lights It’s My New Favorite Lamp!

Anna Genrich

15. I Found This Lamp In A Dumpster Around 4 Years Ago, It Was In Perfect Condition And The Light Bulb Still Worked.. I Haven’t Ever Needed To Replace The Bulb Despite Leaving It On Pretty Much 24/7. I Have No Idea Where It Could Have Come From Or Why It Exists But I Love My Giant Pear Lamp

Jasmine Priest

16. Alien Lamp

Laura McCartney

17. Since There Seems To Be A Few Awesome Lamp Posts Today (No Pun Intended), I Thought I Would Share This Dreamy Massive Lamp That Appealed To The 10-Year-Old In Me. Approximately Two And A Half Feet Tall (Without The Shade). Seen At The Out Of The Closet Thrift Store In Pasadena, California

Michael Cosgrove

18. This Magnificent Lamp! $8 At The Thrift Store

Katie Jane

19. This Light Came From My Fiance’s Recently Deceased Mother’s House. It’s Been In The Family For Ages, I Was Told It Is An Original Tiffany Lamp, But Can Never Find Any Information On It. It’s My Favorite Piece In My Vintage Bar Room

Amanda Sherman

20. This Amazing Lamp Was Made By My Dad In The Mid 1960s!

Kadi Jo