30 Amazing Secondhand Vintage Lamps

The Facebook group named Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared dedicated to some of the most interesting oddities found at thrift stores, garage sales and, etc. This time the subject is the lighting and here are some of the weird secondhand vintage lamps!

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1. My Greatest Thrift Find Ever. When I Bought It I Only Thought The Dots Would Glow. I Was Shocked When I Turned It On!! Best $10 I Ever Spent. Hope House Foundation Thrift Shop, Norfolk Va

secondhand vintage lampsHannah Marie

2. Snagged This Amazing Lamp For My Sons Room Since He Loves Dragons And Dinosaurs But I Think I Fell In Love With It!! It Is So Cool!

secondhand vintage lampsAlicia Miller

3. Got This Unusual Lightbulb As Bonus To A $5 Lamp At Value Village In Fairbanks

secondhand vintage lampsSarah Olga Thomas

4. Introducing Our Seahorse Floor Lamp! It Stands About 6 Feet Tall And Cost Us $75 From Our Local Goodwill About 12 Years Ago

secondhand vintage lampsJJ Burnworth

5. Finally Found A Mushroom Lamp Today! I Am In Love

secondhand vintage lampsAlexandra McKay

6. Found A Beautiful Blue Telephone At A Garage Sale Last Month And My Husband Made A Lamp Out Of It For Me. I Love It!!!

 vintage lampsJoan Rogers

7. I Inherited This Cool UFO Looking Lamp From My Great Uncle This Past Year. It Doesnt Have Any Maker Markings On It So Its Hard To Look Up How Old It Is. Its Made Entirely Out Of Brass And Glass And Is One Of My Favorite Things Ive Ever Acquired

 vintage lampsCalli Steffen

8. This Stain Glass Whale Light Measuring 4′ Long Was Going To Be Thrown In A Dumpster

 vintage lamps

Chris Braga

9. It’s A Two Foot Tall Metal Mushroom With Two Little Mushroom Pals

 vintage lampsKrista Brochman

10. My Awesome Oyster Lamp I Was Able To Scoop Up For A Mere $20 Since It Did Not Light Up. I Am Happy To Report It Is Now Working Great And Is Illuminating The Entire Room!

 vintage lampsTaylor Serdy