Unusual Buildings: 10+ Photos From Around The World

A house in a tree hollow, Topola Tekla in Chudów, Poland

Scandinavian House With Green Roof, Norway

unusual buildings

House in Black: A Monochromatic Farewell in Germany

black house

Summer Super Villa In Greece Designed By Lassa Architects

Stone-Like Galleria Punctuated by Dramatic Opal Windows In South Korea

geometric, opal windows

The Eye of the Storm, Dome-Shaped House on Sullivan’s Island

Eye Of The Storm

Striking Stone Farmhouse With Modern Glass

Rustic Farmhouse

Makedonium at Kruševo, Macedonia

Colorful Domes Village: Presence in Hormuz by ZAV Architects

colorful village

Zaha Hadid’s ‘Opus’ Building In Dubai

zaha hadid architects opus building in dubai

The Fire Station In The Mountain Like A Superhero Base!

Fred And Ginger (The Dancing House), Prague, Czech Republic

Dancing House Prague frank gehry architecture

Gate Tower Building, Osaka

In Osaka, Japan, there is a building that is as practical as it is unusual. In the Gate Tower Building, a section of the city highway runs between floors 5 to 7. The building has reinforced sound insulation so that the noise doesn’t affect the surrounding offices. However, special architecture comes at a price. The motorway operator pays rent for the floors occupied by the motorway: the equivalent of around 15,000 euros a month.

Beirut Terraces, Beirut, Lebanon

The building is a multilayered 119-meter-tall high-rise. The stratified structure is distinguished by projecting or setting back living areas that generate terraces and overhangs, light and shadow, places of shelter and exposure. As a result, each unit is unique and variations in the layout of the apartments on each layer thoughtfully shape a new neighborhood.


18 Robinson, Singapore by KPF