Unusual Buildings: 10+ Photos From Around The World

A Fire Escape of the 38-story Copan Residential Building in São Paulo, Brazil

The Edifício Copan (Copan Building) is a 118.44-metre (459 ft.) tall, 38-story residential building in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. It has 1,160 apartments, 70 commercial establishments and is one of the largest buildings in Brazil.

fire escape

‘Creature of industry’ (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Viktor Mácha

The PL Tower in Tondabayashi, Japan

unusual buildings

Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

unusual buildings

Kaleidoscopic Snake Nest built by genius architect Javier Senosiain

unusual buildings


Rooftop Racetrack on Fiat’s Lingotto Factory

unusual buildings

Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudi’s Unfinished Masterpiece


Little Island, New York

Bubble House’ Built In The 1980s

bubble house