Look At What A Boy Invents To Prevent Children From Dying In Hot Cars After The Unfortunate Incident Happened With His Neighbor!

As per the reports available, it has been found that 712 children have died since 1998 due to heatstroke as they were left in hot cars. This 10 year old kid decided to do something about it after his neighbor succumbed to one such accident; so that such tragic deaths do not happen anymore.

This bright kid is from fifth grade and has come up with a device known as Oasis; that constantly monitors the interior temperature of the car. When it reaches the pre-determined threshold, there is an alert sent to the parents and other relevant authorities.

Bishop, the kid, witnessed that his six month old neighbor infant died due to this reason and hence, came up with something. Although he has only been able to build a 3-D clay model till now, they have started to raise funds on GoFundMe and till date, the father-son duo have managed to raise $24,000.

They are planning to start manufacturing this device on a full-swing once they have enough funds. If you think that this is a novel invention, feel free to share this post with your friends and family and you can contribute generously as well.