40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

31. Day 2 With Our New Rescue Baby! First Night Was A Little Rough. Hoping She Sleeps Better Tonight!

rescued petskbpig

32. Mandarin Was The Coolest Cat At The Shelter- I Had To Adopt Him


33. I Was Really Worried My Cat Wouldn’t Get Along With His Adopted Brother

rescued petsdjnicnasty

34. I Adopted These Twins Tonight! I Havent Got Names Yet Though


35. My New Rescue Pup

rescued petsimissyoudjh

36. Me And My Cousin Adopted These Siblings A Few Days Ago. Probably The Best Decision Of Our Lives. Everyone Meet Jake And Rosa


37. We Adopted Our First Cat Today. A 9 Month Old Maine Coon. Meet Caspian!

rescued petstheartninja-c137

38. My Boyfriend Decided To Adopt Garçon!


39. Adopted My First Cat Today. This Is Quesadilla And She Already Owns My Heart


40. Frankie Was Adopted From The Shelter One Year Ago, Best Decision!

rescued petscavashkie