30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

Rescuing pets from shelters is much more sensitive than buying them. Seeing rescued pets will warm your heart. Here are 40 new rescued pets photos.

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1. Adopted Roy A Week Ago. I’m His Third Owner And He Had Been In The Shelter Since Last October. They Warned Me It Might Take Some Time For Him To Warm Up To Me

rescued petshamscratch

2. We Adopted A Horse That Was Going To Be Slaughtered. This Is My 2 Year Old Braiding Her Hair And Singing To Her While She Eats


3. Before And After Being Adopted. Meet Our New Boy Louie

rescued petsPomegranate_Tree

4. Hi Meet Salem! Adopted Friday The 13th! He Likes To Stick His Tongue Out At You


5. Just Adopted These Love Bugs And Now I’m Never Leaving The House

rescued petsTRON-ALIVE

6. My Partner Didn’t Want To Get A Cat, Then A Stray Adopted Us. He Fell In Love Pretty Quick


7. This Is Felix. He’s Fiv+ And I Knew He Had Low Adoption Chances. Bringing Him Home Was The Best Decision Ever

rescued petsteddoboi

8. This Is Pudding, I Adopted Him – He Has No Teeth So Keeping His Tongue In Is Hard…


9. My Newly Adopted Kitten. Meet Misa!

rescued petstonari_no_midori

10. This Tiny Beast Just Came Home With Me Today