40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

11. Found This Little Munchkin Without A Mama, So I’m Now His Mama

rescued petssaidiecat

12. My Old Man, Adopted Him Last Year. He’s 14 And The Best Roommate Ever


13. I Adopted This 7 Y.o. Lady Just Over A Month Ago. Each Day She Seems Cozier & More Playful Than The Last. She Was In A Shelter Since May 2019 Which Made Me So Sad To Hear When I Met Her. She’s Incredibly Sweet & I Am Very Lucky To Have Her

rescued petscatswinemfm

14. My Parents Adopted An Absolute Cuddler!


15. I Adopted This Cat At The Lowest Point Of My Life. He Literally Freed Me From Distress And I Can’t Be More Thankful

rescued petsduythanh_nguyen

16. Nobody Wanted To Adopt Him Cause He Only Has 1 Eye


17. Reddit, Meet Murphy! Rescued 3 Days Ago!

rescued petsHauserdontpreach

18. Officially “Foster Failed” Today. I Knew As Soon As I Got Him, He Wasn’t Going Anywhere. Everyone, Welcome Chopper! (Aka Pork Chop)


19. After Years Of Wanting A Dog My Wife And I Got This 8 Week Old Pup From The Rescue. Meet Arwen.

rescued petsiamtombombadil

20. My Dad Was Very Against Getting A Dog, Especially A Small Dog. We Adopted Her Anyway And Now They Are Best Friends