People Share Pics Of Hidden Dogs And Some Of Them Are So Hard To Find

Pet owners are sharing funny posts for Hidden Dog Challenge. Some of these dogs are really hard to find even some of them are impawsible!

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1. Please Don’t Ruin It For Others That Are Still Looking For My Really Sneaky Dog

2. Cookie Is In Both Photos, But You Can Only See Her In The 2nd. This Was Almost 2 Years Ago. She Decided Not To Answer When I Called & I Was Having A Mild Panic Attack Trying To Find Her. Turns Out She Was Asleep Behind Some Books

3. Nope, No Dogs Here – Just Plushies!

4. Can You Find Her?

5. Chester That’s The Best Hiding Spot Ever

6. I’ve Been Searching For Hours, And I Just Can’t Find Her

7. There Is In Fact A Ghost In This Picture

8. Has Anybody Seen Dottie? She’s Got To Be Around Here Somewhere

9. How Many Of My Babies Are In This Pic?

10. I Know This Is A Tough One, But Look Closely! She’s A Master Of Disguise!