40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. Rescued From A Street Two Days Ago. Pickle Is Already So Affectionate!

rescued petsmaclikesthesea

22. Just Adopted Luna. She Is My Very First Pet. She Is Already My Best Friend!


23. We Just Adopted This Sweet Little Girl! Meet Fiona!

rescued petsMrMeritocracy

24. Handsome Rescue


25. My Sweet Girl Freya, Adopted Just A Week Ago

rescued petsnotblu33

26. Adopted This Little Fella From The Police Today, Everyone Meet Sam!


27. Rescued A Bunny A While Ago Which Turned Out To Be Pregnant They Are Doing Great

rescued petsHeerSneeuw

28. Just Adopted This Baby Yesterday And Found Out Her Birthday Was The Day Before, March 10th!


29. I Adopted A Potato. Meet Argo

rescued petsJeVeuxCroire

30. Rescued In Puerto Rico, Adopted In New York, Passed Out On The Way Home.