‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

31. My Mom Found This On The Floor Of Her Beauty Salon, She Calls It A Cockapiller. What Is This Thing?


32. This Little Girl Was Photographed In The 1860’s With Her Dog. What Is She Holding In Her Lap?

no ideaMeretrice

33. These Were All Over The Beach In S. Maine. Think They Were Alive. What Is This Thing?


34. A Gift To The Sultan Of Brunei. What Is It?!

no ideapoopsack_williams

35. What Did I Catch?


36. Mold? Spores? Something On A Tree In The Woods. Too Scared To Touch It


Looks like some wooly aphids. Woolly aphids are sucking insects that live on plant fluids and produce a filamentous waxy white covering which resembles cotton or wool. The adults are winged and move to new locations where they lay egg masses. The nymphs often form large cottony masses on twigs, for protection from predators.

37. I Found This After A Rock Was Broken. What Is It?

no ideaThe_Opossum13

38. Seen In Ohio. Obviously A Car…but Does The Top Have A Purpose?


39. Its Made Our Of Silver And The Ball Rotates. What Is This Thing?


40. Any Idea What These Metal Light Weight Hollow Things Could Be? Largest One Is About 5″

no ideaBergberg1