‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

21. Found This Guy Freezing To Death In Southern Michigan This Morning. What Is This Thing?

no ideaMarvelBronze

22. Seen In The Sky Over Wisconsin Last Night. What Is This Thing?


23. Found At Dead Relatives House. What Is This Thing?

no ideakaptenhefty

24. White Circlet With Purple Dots On Top Of A Headdress. What Is This Thing?


25. My Friend Found This Weird Rock On The East Coast Of England. What Is It?


26. What Is The Purpose Of A Door Like This?

no ideaVIDCAs17

27. Found On An Apple In East Germany. What Is This Thing?


28. Found On Beach (Ocean) In Ma, Usa. (Iphone 5 For Reference). Skull? Sternum?

no idea


29. Interesting Cloud Formation, What’s Going On Here?


30. Seen In The Sky While Hiking In Manchester Today. What Is This Thing?

no ideabut_why_is_it_itchy