‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

What Is This Thing‘ is a subreddit that helps people identify objects they have but have no idea what it is.

1. Found In A Bag Together While Digging A Pool In Massachusetts. Penny For Scale

odd thingsAnswer: Toy plates for a dollhouse.

2. Small Round “Shelf” In Old Mail Box. What Is This Thing?

weird thingsAnswer: for leaving change for postal worker to add postage. USPS delivery people are required to have stamps and you don’t even need to catch them to buy some. If you have a piece of mail without postage you can put it in your mailbox with cash and the carrier will bring back change (if needed) the next day.

3. My Security Camera Caught This Individual With A Large Device, Possibly Scanning For Something? The Individual Noticed The Camera And Changed Their Mind It Seems, But What Have They Got And What Are They Doing?

weird thingsAnswer: this person is probably a carthieve scanning for keyless car keys. . never leave them near windows and doors

4. Found In A House I Moved Into. The Chain Has Two Corks Attached On Either End

weird things Answer: It is for wine. Ice goes in the little side container to keep it cold.

5. This Is About The Size Of My Hand, Made Of/With Some Kind Of Metal (I Think Copper)

weird thingsAnswer: This is mostly likely thousands of years old – a Pre-Columbian artifact.
You should take it to a university or museum for analysis.
DO NOT polish it or clean it.

6. Glass Items Seen At Yard Sale. They Aren’t Doorknobs And Some Look Like One Solid Piece?

odd things Answer: Knife rests

7. What Is This Piece Of Playground Equipment For? Seems Like It Must Have A Function Other Than To Just Lay On It

odd thingsAnswer: Manufacturers are providing a lot more pieces that are accessible to children with limited mobility. While this may seem less interesting at first glance, imagine the benefits to children who’ve never been able to climb up to a slide or fire pole.

8. 1.5 Inches Long, Hard And Glossy. Found 5 Feet Below The Bottom Of A Virginia River

odd thingsAnswer: Fossil snail casting

9. Found On Counter In Medical Exam Room: String Of Plastic Numbered Oval Beads. My Own Doc Had No Idea. Pen For Scale

odd thingsAnswer: orchidometer. Used for sizing testicles.

10. What Is The Hollow Part Of This For? Never Seen Anything Like It Before. Cat For Size Reference

odd thingsAnswer: phone table with storage space for the phone book.