‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

11. A Coworker Found A Hive On Her Balcony. She Is Convinced That Is A Beehive. I Am Not But I Don’t Know What Insect It Is

no ideaMeatlumpsandwar

12. This Needle Thing Was Just Found In A Hamburger At A Lexington, Ky Mcdonald’s – What Is It?


13. I Was Off-Roading With My Kids Today And Found This In The Path Blocked By A Giant Rock. Any Ideas?

no ideabenc972

14. This Was Given To Me Maybe 25 Years Ago Because I Collect Knives. No One Knows Where It’s From Or The Purpose Of The Stick (There’s Space For 2 Sticks, But Only One Was In It When Given To Me). Us Quarter For Scale


15. Odd Square Metal Imbedded In A Rock. What Is This Thing?

no ideaD3adkl0wn

16. Found This On A Beach In New Zealand- There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?


17. I Need Your Help! What Is This?

no ideaBeer_in_an_esky

18. Super Small Mini Flask? The ‘Needle’ Screws Into The Flask. What Is This Thing?


19. Oxycodone Bottle Found In The Woods With Electronics Inside. What Is This Thing?

no ideaBuck_Thorn

20. Took This Weird Bean Home, Now It’s Opening Up And Has Me More Puzzled. What Is This Thing?