‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

11. Witt? An Unusually Shaped Sink Possibly In A Corridoor, Spotted In A Property Listing On An Older House. Looks Quite Narrow, Probably Too Small For Washing Boots

no ideaCisco800Series

Answer: It’s called a butlers sink, or cleaners sink. It’s used for cleaning, filling buckets, emptying out waste so housekeeping can wash down surfaces without wandering through the house.

12. What Is This V-Shaped Scoring? Found In Germany


Answer: That’s an old way to collect sap to make turpentine. It’s called “cat face”

13. Open Spoon With Spikes; Trident-Like Fork; Tongs With A Chicken Foot And A Perforated Spoon. All Antique Silver

no ideahamster-cow

Answer: Olive server, lettuce server, ice tongs. Having a talon on ice tongs is a novelty feature, but there are a lot of them out there!

14. What Would Cause My Friends Lawn To Look Like This After The Snow Melted


Answer: That’s some major vole activity. They look a lot like mice, but tend to be very active under winter snows and like tunneling.

15. Weird Metal Tube (Now Dented) Found Metal Detecting In Se Iowa On A Farmstead That Stood From The 1890s-1960s. Seems To Be Made Of Copper, Found 4″ Down, And Has A Bat-Like Symbol On One End. It’s Closed On Both Ends And Feels Hollow

no ideaBaidon

Answer: It’s 1940s lipstick by Coty.

16. Two Spoons Attached To A Wooden Handle At The Thrift Store?


Answer: It’s a musical instrument literally called “spoons”. Used as percussion by clacking the spoons together.

17. Small Scoop With Alligator Clip As The Handle. Found It Cleaning Out The Kitchen

no ideaSCruzed

Answer: Coffee scoop with bag clip for coffee bag.

18. Found While Cleaning Out A Deceased Estate. At First Glance Looks To Hold Liquid, But Has A Large Hole In The Bottom So, What Is This Thing?


Answer: Wasp Trap. Sweet fluid and dish soap go in bottom. Stinging insects fly in, dish soap eliminates surface tension and coats them. They die/drown.

19. Any Guesses As To What This Plane Part Is? Fell Out Of The Sky In Colorado When That United Engine Failed

no ideabaltor85

Answer: I think that’s a vape pen dude

20. Found On My Driveway. The Rcmp Arrested My Neighbour Last Night; Could It Be Related To That?


Answer: a taser dart.