‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

11. Mini Harpoon Thing Found When Changing Bedding In A Hospital Room

no ideafeickuss

Answer: Patient had been tased. It’s a taser dart.

12. When You Pull The Ring On This, Four Little Pins Come Out. What Is It Used For?


Answer: It’s an anti-theft device for pocket watches.

13. Found On Guam In Shallow Water. 3-Meter Diameter Disk. Top Looks Like Polyester In A Honeycomb Shape That Is Fiber Glassed To Flimsy Aluminum Disk. I’m Stumped On This One. Never Seen Anything Like It. What Is This Thing?

no ideagenopsyism

Answer: There was recently a Chinese Long March 3B rocket launch that failed, and the rocket and its payload was seen reentering the atmosphere near Guam

14. What Are These Swirly Things? Found On Google Maps – Located In Cogdell, Georgia, USA


Answer: Checked the tax records… It is or was an alligator farm.

15. Saw This In A Forest In Germany. What Is This Thing?

no ideaV-by-V

Answer: It’s a fridge, or a old time cold room. Basically a room covered with dirt for insulation

16. My Grandfather Told Us To Not Remove This When Renovating. What Is This Thing?


Answer: Aztec calendar. Funny thing, I remember a bunch of these a while ago being smuggled over the border and they were made of meth.

17. Mostly Concerned About Why Is This Thing?

no ideaCIoverload

Answer: For doing surgery on the cow

18. Found In Deep Creek Md. What Is This Thing?


Answer: Stonefly larvae. Good sign for the water quality.

19. What Are These Things I Keep Seeing On Nearly All The London Bus Stops In My Area?

no idea4tunabrix

Answer: It’s potato art… And I’m not even kidding… The artist is unknown (some say by an artist called NoNose), if you look for ‘London bus stop potato art’ you can find many more articles written about it.

20. Growing From The Basement Ceiling At A Very Rapid Rate. It Is Also Leaving On The Table Below It, Grayish Particles. What Is This Thing?


Answer: Those are the studs from your walls — redistributed by your termites.