Weird Things That Seem Just Normal In Movies But Not In Reality

There are some weird things that seem just normal in movies but actually not in reality. A Reddit user asked ‘What happens in movies or tv that seems to be normal and you think to yourself “that is not what people in real life do”?’ and here are 35 of the responses.


weird thingsllcooljessie

(Hands someone a burner phone.)

“Keep this on you day and night. It rings, you betta answer.”

“Okay. Do you have the charger?”

“The what?”

“This phone, did it come with a charger? It’s not USB. It has one of those cylindrical ports, like on an old Nokia.”

“Look pal…”

“Hey, you’re the one giving out phones. It’s charged now. How did you charge it?”



Women can be in the jungle for weeks, and they don’t have hair growing anywhere. Men immediately begin to grow a beard.



When women run around in heels with perfect hair and makeup, and the dirt and sweat makes their hair and makeup look even better.

Looking at you, Jurassic World.



Young singles living in million dollar condos that overlook the city.


weird thingsArachnidBeneficial61

Everyone has 1 paper bag for groceries. And it has a celery stalk and loaf of french bread sticking out the top.



Answers phone:

“Hello? (listens to the caller for one second)… what do you mean Tim got kidnapped by a drug cartel while he was shopping with his family in his trip to South America?”


weird thingsSantos_L_Halper_II

No one using a computer ever uses a mouse. It’s just constant, frantic typing.



Preparing a huge five-star breakfast (pancakes, waffles, fruit, biscuits, oatmeal, omelette, etc.) that no one eats; I don’t even understand why that’s a thing in movies and TV shows.


weird thingsbleedsdaylight121

Whenever a simple miscommunication happens, no ever stops and clarifies with the other person. Like if one 10 sec conversation can derail an entire plot thread im not interested.



Having highly confidential conversations about 4 foot away from the people they are talking about, and not being overheard.