People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

31. Look Closer

malfunctioning dogsfifthmeat

32. We Have A Yard Full Of Grass. He Prefers His Personal Spot In The Driveway


33. Went To My Local Dog Bar, And My Brothers Dog Decided To Go Make Friends With These 3 Random Guys. Just Joined Their Group And Hung Out For A While

malfunctioning dogsSquarishWheel

34. Mommy! Can’t You See I Need Attention


35. He Blows Bubbles When He’s About To Eat

malfunctioning dogsotterlyconfuzed

36. Wobbly Looks Like A Complete Derp When He’s Excited


37. I Love It When I Come Home And He’s Already Done The Dishes!

malfunctioning dogsshakibuju

38. Looks He Got Into My Stash


39. This Isn’t Fast Shutter Speed. He Just… Lays There Like This

malfunctioning dogsalexastrid

40. I’m A Baby, Right?