Hilarious ‘British Things’ That People Witnessed And Shared

There are such ‘British things’ that it is impossible to think they are ordinary. People shared hilarious ‘British things’ that they caught and here are 40 of them.

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1. Best Thing In Today’s Daily Mirror

british thingspsycoticmonkey

2. Good Old National Trust


3. Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

british thingsDommlid

4. If You Can Read This, You Are Not A Train!


5. There Is Something Terrifying Happening In Brighton, England

british thingsCookie0024

6. Welcome To Leigh


7. A Fine Example Of Sophisticated British Humour

british thingsxeniaox

8. Front Seat On A Double Decker Bus


9. When The Pubs Have Been Closed For 4 Months, A Bit Of Rain Won’t Stop These Lads

british thingsTheForthWallBreaker

10. When The Council Forget About A Sinkhole In Your Town