People Are Sharing Pics Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs On “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

11. That’s A Weird Turtle

malfunctioning dogsMy_Memes_Will_Cure_U

12. Anyone Know What Plant This Is?


13. He Really Loves Digging

malfunctioning dogsLuvlyjubblies1

14. “Honey, The Dog’s Walking On The Wall Again”


15. Riding Upside Down

malfunctioning dogsmemezzer

16. Boing

17. My Dog Stares At Me Like This To Gain The Bed Pat Giving Her Permission To Jump Up

malfunctioning dogsAstoundiglyAverage

18. Lou’s Got A Lot On His Mind


19. The New Godzilla

malfunctioning dogsStrangedoggo

20. My Vet Sent Me This From My Dogs Check Up Today