30 Lesser-Known Facts About Adorable Animals

31. The California Ground And Rock Squirrels Have Acquired A Great Anti-Rattlesnake Defense


32. The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon Brachyurus) Is The Largest Canid In South America. His Marks Resemble Those Of Foxes, But He Is Not A Fox Or A Wolf. It Is The Only Species Of The Genus Chrysocyon (Which Means “Golden Dog”). These Wolves Are Also Commonly Mistaken For “El Chupacabra”

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33. Say Hello To An Australian Echidna! One Of Only Two Mammals In The World That Lay Eggs (Called Monotremes)! This Little Girl Was Brought Into My Work


34. King Cheetahs Are Variety Of Cheetahs With A Rare Mutation Caused By A Recessive Allele. Their Cream-Colored Fur Are Marked With Large, Blotchy Spots And Three Dark, Wide Stripes Extend From The Neck To The Tail

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35. There Are Only 880 Mountain Gorillas Left…


36. Snow Leopards Cover The Distance Of A Marathon (26.2 Mi) In One Night

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37. Native To Mexico, The Axolotl Has A Slimy Tail And A Mouth That Curls Into An Odd Smile. It Is Known As The “Water Monster” Or The “Mexican Walking Fish.”


38. Hippos Can’t Really Swim. Their Big Bones Are Too Dense And Heavy, So They Just Push Off The Ground, Walking Or Bouncing Off The Bottom

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39. Australian “Firehawk” Raptors, Such As This Black Kite, Have Recently Been Found To Purposefully Spread Wildfires


40. Done Brushing Your Dog? Birds Love Using The Hair To Build Nests. Set Aside One Birdfeeder To Fill With Hair

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