30 Lesser-Known Facts About Adorable Animals

Reddit community titled “Awwducational” shares lesser-known facts about animals with our all-time favorite pet pics and animal videos.

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1. Orphaned Baby Bats Which Are Rescued Are Wrapped Snugly In Blankets To Mimic The Warm Embrace Of Their Mother’s Wings

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2. Alex, The African Grey Parrot, Is The Only Animal To Ever Ask An Existential Question. He Asked “What Color” He Was


3. American Kestrel Is The Smallest And Most Common Falcon In North America. It Is Also Called The Sparrow Hawk

lesser-known factsA_Lazko

4. Dogs Sneeze While Playing To Let Other Dogs Know They Are Playing And Aren’t Trying To Be Aggresive


5. Pygmy Hippos Are Critically Endangered, With Less Than 3,000 In The Wild. The San Diego Zoo Has Bred One For The First Time In Three Decades. His Name Is Akobi, And He’s Two Months Old

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6. Secretary Birds Are Famous For Its Snake-Stomping Legs; A Single Kick Delivered Some 195 Newtons Of Force


7. New Study Shows “Rollie Pollies” Remove Heavy Metals From Soil And Protect Groundwater. Thank You To These Little Helpers!

lesser-known factsBenjamint444

8. Red Pandas Can Stand On Their Hind Legs To Make Themselves Appear Larger


9. The Southern Viscacha Is A Species Of Rodent Native To Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, And Peru. They Spend A Large Portion Of Their Day Sunbathing, Grooming, And Resting

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10. Sand Cats Specialize In Surviving In The Desert