30 Lesser-Known Facts About Adorable Animals

11. Capybara’s Are Social Animals, Who Get Along With A Large Variety Of Other Animals, Including Chickens, Ducks, Dogs, Cats, Llamas, Rabbits And Turtles

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12. Black-Footed Cat (Felis Nigripes) Is The Smallest Cat In Africa (Up To 5 Lbs) And Can Hunt Preys Bigger Than Himself


13. Seals Will Perform The Banana Pose When They Are Feeling Safe And Content

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14. Manatees Have No Significant Natural Predators And Can Be Found Co-Existing Peacefully With Gators


15. Wolverines Can Be Taught To Rescue Avalanche Survivors


16. Pigs Are Known For Being Very Sociable And Intelligent, And This Is Especially The Case For Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs

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17. The Aardvark, Alphabetically The First Animal, Plays An Important Role In Preventing Wildlife Deaths From Fire


18. The Mangalica Is The Only Pig Species Covered In A Long Wool Coat, Similar To A Sheep’s

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19. Elephants Are Intelligent, Social, Empathetic Animals Who Display ‘Ah Ha’ Spontaneous Problem Solving Behavior


20. Ravens Are Capable Of High-Quality Imitation Of Human Speech

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