30 Lesser-Known Facts About Adorable Animals

21. Despite Their Appearance, Elephant Shrews Are In Fact More Closely Related To Elephants Than Shrews

22. Beavers Have Orange Teeth Because Their Tooth Enamal Has A High Iron Content To Make Them Strong Enough To Chew Through Wood


23. The Chinese Mountain Cat Is One Of The Rarest Wild Cats, And Was First Captured On Camera In The Wild In 2007

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24. The Manul (Or Pallas’ Cat) Of Central Asia Has The Longest And Densest Fur Of All The Cat Species


25. Aardwolves Are Neither Aardvarks Nor Wolves

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26. Penguin Chicks, Because Of Their Fat Insulation, When They Get Too Hot, They Pant And Stick Their Legs Out, Which Cools Them Off


27. It Takes Bald Eagles About Five Years To Obtain Their White Head!


28. These Guys Are Goldcrests, The Smallest Birds In Europe

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29. Marine Iguanas Have A Mutualistic Relationship With Lava Lizards, As The Lizards Often Scurry Over Them To Hunt Flies

30. Gibbons Are One Of The Only Non-Human Primates Which Practice Monogamy

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