40 Illegal Things That Probably You Haven’t Even Heard Yet

Some countries might have weird laws that all are seen as kind of unnecessary. There are such interesting illegal things that you will be surprised when you read. A Reddit user asked ‘[Serious] What is illegal but most people don’t even know it?’ and here are the most interesting 40 ones of responses.


illegal thingsrowrin

In Nevada there’s an old law still on the books where a property owner may hang an individual who shoots a dog on their property.

Also you can’t take your camel out on state highways.



Tickling someone without their consent is a form of assault. But yeah


illegal thingsberna102

Yesterday I learned that riding a bike while drunk is just as illegal as drunk driving, just not regularly enforced



In my country suicide is considered a felony.

Its to allow first responders more ways to act. Like so a policeofficer can kick down a door or hospitals can force a short period of observation on a sucidal person, never any jailtime involved.


illegal thingsbadass_panda

Under a 1940s anti-poaching law, not only is possessing or selling a bald eagle illegal … possessing any part of a bald eagle, including their feathers, is illegal.

Find a bald eagle feather while hiking? Technically, picking that thing up and sticking it in your pocket means a $250,000 fine.

Edit: As has been pointed out to me repeatedly, if you belong to a native American tribe that is enrolled in a federal program that exempts you from the above.



In Alaska it’s illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they deer hunt.


illegal thingsgraypumpkins

Washing oil paint down the sink. It can contaminate drinking water.



One of my friends studied abroad in the UK (from the US) and didn’t realize pepper spray is illegal there until a British student told her. Most female students at our university in the US carry it everywhere so it didn’t even occur to her it would be illegal. No clue how she got through the airport with it in the first place but luckily she was able to dispose of it without getting in trouble


illegal thingsspudllet

Scottish here, it’s a legal requirement to let a stranger use your toilet if he or she asks.

So if some random drunk comes to your door at stupid o’clock in the morning choking for a s***e, you better be letting them in



Insulting the king of Thailand