40 Of The Funniest Parents Who Will Surprise You

11. How In The World, Mom


12. Our Child Might Be The Reason You Drink


13. This Toddler Loves The Ads For A Local Personal Injury Lawyer So Much, His Mom Made It His Birthday Party Theme

L’Erin Dobra

14. We Decided To Embarrass Our Daughter At The Airport After 3 Months Away (We Don’t Normally Dress This Way)

funniest parentsron1337

15. I Asked My Mom For A Cool Bookmark And This Is What She Gave Me (Yes, That Is My Mother)


16. Parents, Make A Secret Stash Of Inappropriate Photos To Give Their Child On Their 18th Bday


17. Decides To Spoof My Son’s Facebook Profile Photo. How Did We Do?

funniest parentsperianderson

18. Finally Found My Sons After Walking Past Them A Dozen Times. Decided To Join Them


19. When I Was 12, I Was Attacked By A Howler Monkey In Costa Rica. My Dad Runs A Tour And Travel Company Down There, And I Found This Postcard On His Rack


20. Son’s Birthday Is Coming Up

funniest parentsmanny2sacks