Surprising Age Gaps Between Actors Who Played Parent And Child In The Same Movie

Sometimes we see surprising things in movies. To not expect things that reflect exact reality would be better. Especially, age gaps between actors who played parent and child in the same movies would be the most surprising part.

1. Estelle Getty Was Actually Younger Than Bea Arthur When She Played Her Mom In Golden Girls

age gapsNBC

2. Angelina Jolie Was Colin Farrell’s Mom In Alexander, But In Reality They’re Only A Year Apart

Warner Bros Pictures

3. Sally Field Was Tom Hanks’s Mom In Forrest Gump. However, She’s Just 10 Years Older Than Him, And Even Played His Love Interest In Punchline A Few Years Earlier

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4. When She Starred In This Is Us, Mandy Moore (36) Was Younger Than All Of The Actors Who Played Her Children


5. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Cher Played Meryl Streep’s Mom Even Though She Was Only Three Years Older Than Her Co-Star

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6. In Mean Girls, Amy Poehler Is Only Seven Years Older Than Her Daughter, Rachel Mcadams

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7. The Actors Who Played Father And Son In “Blue Bloods”, Tom Selleck And Len Cariou, Have An Age Difference Of Just Six Years

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8. Johnny Depp Is Five Years Older Than His Movie Mom In “Blow”, Rachel Griffiths

New Line Cinema

9. “Flicka’s” Main Character, Katy, Is Supposed To Be A Teenager. But The Actress, Alison Lohman, Was 27 At The Time, Making Her Just 13 Years Younger Than Her Movie Dad, Played By Tim Mcgraw

age gapesTwentieth Century Fox

10. Father And Son In Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Jensen Ackles, Were Born Just 12 Years Apart