40 Of The Funniest Parents Who Will Surprise You

31. My Jewish Mother Gave Me This As A Housewarming Gift


32. Today My Dad Finally Decided To Cash This Chip In, I’m 35

funniest parentsbrac420

33. My Son’s First Day At School Today. I Handled It Really Well


34. My Dad And I (Jokingly) Told My Mom We Would Leave The Apple Store Only After She Had Taken A “Selfie” On Every Single Device. Next Thing I Know Her Face Is All Over The Store


35. My Mom Is Selling My Brother’s Iguana

funniest parentsDarthTrumpApp

36. I Think My Nephew Is Already Pissing Off His Mother


37. When Daycare, Completely Seriously, Asks My Friend To Answer Stupid Questions On Behalf Of His 11-Month-Old Daughter, It Is Inevitable That Stupid Answers Is What They’ll Receive


38. People Kept Commenting On How Much Hair Our Baby Son Has, So Naturally This Was The Next Step

funniest parents


39. In 1980 I Got My Head Stuck In A Fence And Instead Of Helping Me My Parents Took This Photo


40. My Mom Sent This To Me For Easter. I Love My Mom

funniest parentsJohnnyValet