Kids Shaming Their ‘Insane Parents’ Online

The subreddit titled Insane Parents is full of bad parenting stories. Check out these crazy stories of kids shaming their parents online!

1. It’s Time To D D D D D D D D Duel

insane parentsDrSixSixSix

2. Nothing Good Will Happen To Me Bcz I Told My Mom I Could No Longer Help Her After Moving On My Own At 19 Because She Got Evicted Twice In The Span Of 4 Months And Put A Power Bill In My Name Without Me Knowing Which I Now Owe 700 To The Power Company


3. Sometimes Insane Is Just A Birth Defect!


4. Mom Of The Year Over Here…


5. My Mom Is Putting Up Cameras In My Room Now


6. Ah Sweet Unconditional Love


7. My Father Tracking Me While I’m On A Date


8. Mom Makes Son Show Her All Of His Social Media Accounts


9. I Don’t Even Know What To Say


10. Shooting A Schools Computer Because Your Daughter Is Talking To Boys…