40 Of The Funniest Parents Who Will Surprise You

21. My Friend’s Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport


22. Coloring With My Sons


23. My Mom Always Finds A Way To Surprise Me On My Birthday

funniest parentsggbuttstead

24. My Cousin Placed A Horse Mask On His Dog, His Son Didn’t See The Humor In It


25. 1) Get Your Child To Squash Up Against A Window 2) Take Photo 3) Set As Phone Background 4) Child Is ‘Stuck In’ Phone


26. Actual Photo Of Me Waiting For My Daughter To Finish Her Homework

funniest parentskacydev

27. I Don’t Always Get Packages From My Father, But When I Do


28. I Put Vanilla Pudding In A Mayonnaise Jar. My Kids Were Horrified As I Ate It While Watching Them Open Their Easter Presents


29. Our 2-Year-Old Daughter Fell Asleep Like This, We Added The Knife For Dramatic Effect

funniest parentswaltbosz

30. My Buddy And His Sister Refused To Go Do A Photo Shoot With Their Parents. Subsequently, Their Parents Decided Who Their Favorite Child Was That Day