Facebook Group ‘Dogspotting’ Shares The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Dogs

31. Don’t You Just Love Such Views While Taking A Ride In Public Transportation

dogspottingJakub Grzeszczuk

32. Spotted 2 Cows Lol

Kenzie Darian Waldkoetter

33. Got To Meet A Very Happy Sleepy 9 Week Old Duck Today And Thought I Might Die. 16/10 For Softest Smiling Yawn

dogspottingHeather McLaughlin

34. Just Found The Sweetest Baby Boy Lost In The Rain. She Started Following Me As I Was Walking My Dog. The Search Is Currently On For His Owners As He Waits In The Security Office At Our Building. I’ll Take Her To A Vet In The Morning To See If She Has A Microchip

Derek Randy Hamm

35. Oh My Dog

Bianca Simmons

36. Snoozin’ Through The Atlanta Airport

Claire Nielsen

37. Someone On My Block Got A Goldendoodle Puppy! I Bent Down To Take His Pic And He Threw His Paws Up His Name Is Max And He’s 3 Months Old

dogspottingMorgan Makana Simmons

38. Here We Are Back Again. This Ain’t Even My Dog It’s A Clients I Saw Today. Moose!

Callie Bless

39. My Boyfriend (Not On Fb) Just Sent Me This Pic From The Brewery Where He Works And Now I’m Dead

dogspottingAmanda Crawford

40. Saw This Queen Outside Value Mart Today. She Didn’t Have To Stunt On Us This Hard

Bailey McGarrell