Facebook Group ‘Dogspotting’ Shares The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Dogs

11. “You Get Down From There Right Now Mister”

dogspottingAdrienne Halsey

12. Parents Sent Me A Photo Of This Bouquet Of 5 Week Old Puppies. Spotted On The Sunshine Coast

Rachel Kennedy

13. All Eyes On Her

dogspottingAnh-Thu Pham

14. New Assistant At The Local Pharmacy

Samuel Lorincik

15. Sonja Is Having The Best Of Her Times

dogspottingLeona Roos

16. These Two Goofballs Gave Me A Mini Heart Attack When They Popped Up To Wall Here. No Borks, Only Wanted Pets. Would Gladly Pet These Shed Monsters Again

Thomas Bela Kiss

17. Jewellery Shop Basset

dogspottingFifi de Faoite

18. My Moms Newest Family Addition Sebastian Is Taking Quite A Liking To The Cats. They Don’t Seem To Mind Beth Craven Gazeta

Tessa Wood

19. Meet Gunner…the Bestest Old Boy Who Had Knee Surgery… So His Human Made Him His Own Private Elevator. 100/10 Would Pet Again!

dogspottingJessica Stewart Copeland

20. Cutest Scene Spotted In A Bus

Наташа Лажетић