20 Spoiled Cats Dominating Their Owners

11. “You know your cat is spoiled when he refuses to eat his food in the kitchen and will only chow down where I’m eating too.”


12. “She fell between my legs, trapping me for hours.”


13. “The most spoiled cat on the planet is the one who meowed at me until I laid out and turned on the electric throw. And then she promptly stole my spot.”


14. “My cat, Indigo, sometimes jumps in the sink as an attempt to beg me to turn it on. He enjoys water out of the sink more than water out of the bowl.”


15. “I made a gazebo for my cat!”


16. “My boyfriend spent 3 months on an outdoor heated cat house for my guy. Hasn’t stepped into it once.

cats dominate ownersbathtime85

17 “After I stopped him from chewing on pencils, he decided he’d had enough of it and laid down on top of my book and pencils.”

cats dominate ownersDr_Meemz

18. “I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time.”

cats dominate ownerslineypi

19. “I knew the cat was spoiled, but my mom just put a spoon of red caviar into his bowl, he ‘dug’ the bowl like he was covering it up, and walked away.”

cats dominate ownerscybernadja

20. “Today I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since.”