This Online Group Shares Adorable Tiny Kittens Pics That Are ‘Illegally Smol’

There’s a subreddit called Illegally Smol Cats dedicated to sharing cute pictures of tiny kittens. Take a look at these adorable small ones!

1. My Baby Void When She Was The Tiniest Of Soot Sprites

small catsSqueezeBunny

2. I Sneezed

small cats/Beaver1BeaverAll

3. Great Love

small catsiliaspro

4. Saw This On Instagram

small catsbritneydiane

5. The Alarm Didn’t Work And He Overslept. Boss Won’t Like This

small catstamikills

6. Evolution Of Angy

small catsdom_bul

7. My Best Friends Cat, Jolene


8. Suspect Attempted Camouflage


9. Waking Up To 2021


10. From Illegally Smol To Absolute Units