17 Funny Pics Of Cats Who Just Want To Be Left Alone

Our lovely furry friends don’t like to be held all the time. This funny list showcases cats who just want to be left alone!

1. In this pair, someone doesn’t seem to agree with the idea of saying cheese for the shot. Guess who that is?

cats want to leave aloneanimalfi3nd

2. The cat seems to have seen something that its owner still doesn’t know about…


3. Nobody seems happy here, but who’s responsible for the scratch?


4. The kitten seems to be dangerously interested in whoever’s taking the picture.


5. Careful, this cat doesn’t look very happy about her owner graduating from college!


6. A word of advice: Let go now.


7. This pussycat seems to think it’s in danger.


8. Someone here doesn’t seem to be very comfortable with such PDA, and someone else seems to be completely ignoring this awkwardness.


9. Clearly, there’s a pair of sad eyes in this pic.

cats want to leave aloneClockworkCatEnby

10. Not a very friendly look over here…

cats want to leave alonethorbuster41

11. Whatever happened to the Christmassy mood?

cats want to leave alonerealgrumpycat

12. Very upset here.

cats want to leave alonesmolbeebo

13. Yeah, not sure if this cat wants a kiss…

cats want to leave alonejacobthompson1

14. Is this a great photobomb or what?

cats want to leave aloneadoptadoggo

15. This cat also knows something its owner doesn’t.


16. Is it falling off the table or just running away from an unwanted selfie?


17. This kitten was the one who decided to take a selfie and that scared its owner

cats want to leave alonemelancholic_blue_sky