30 Funny Pics That Show Cat Beds And Cat Logic

Sometimes we can’t understand the cat logic as humans. Cats would sleep anywhere except their perfectly fine, brand-new, super comfy, and very stylish cat beds. Here are the funny examples of cats logic vs cat beds!

1. Cat Was Tired And Jumped Into My Daughter Doll House And Actually Used The Bed


2. Mom, He’s In My Bed


3. My Cat’s Kittens Have Found A New Cozy Bed… In A Cup Holder


4. We Got Him A Bed, But Then A Paper Towel Fell On The Floor, So Nevermind


5. Get Him A Bed They Said


6. My Cat Has 3 Beds

funny cat bedsBasicBanter

7. I Think Someone’s Got The Wrong Bed


8. I Planted Oat Grass For The Cat To Snack On, She Decided It Makes A Good Bed


9. Spent 10 Minutes Looking For My Cat Before I Went To Bed, Found Him Asleep In A Wok On Top Of The Freezer


10. I Think I Wasted Money On The Cat Tree