40 Times People Share Their Experiences With Wholesome Neighbors

31. Left This In My Neighbor’s Garden To Cheer Them Up

wholesome neighborsRudyWillingham

32. 90-Year-Old Neighbor On Strict Quarantine Put Out A Table Of Roses From His Garden In Wood Vases He Made By Hand


33. Neighbour Complained About Kids Being Too Loud

wholesome neighborsmobile.twitter.com

34. An Offer From The Neighbor


35. So My Cat Died A Few Days Ago And The Neighbors Kids Found Out And My This Collage Of Him. I’m In Tears


36. My Old Man Removed A Fence Panel So He Can Share A Beer With His Neighbor

wholesome neighborsdutchsuperbus

37. I’m On Vacation For A Week And Asked My Neighbor To Go Check On Our Cat. He Checked On More Than That


38. This Is My 98 Year Old Neighbor And Friend. She Is Afraid To Go To Church So Every Sunday I Go Over And Set Her Up To Watch A Livestream Of Mass

wholesome neighborstruthhealsandhurts

Recently, I found the book of Sunday’s so she can follow along. She is such a blessing to me.

39. A Neighbor I’ve Never Even Spoken To Saw That I Was Home Alone All Day On Thanksgiving And Brought Me This


40. These Neighbors Adjusted Their Fence So They Could Enjoy A Beer Together With Social Distance

wholesome neighborsObiSanKenobi