40 Times People Share Their Experiences With Wholesome Neighbors

21. Apartment Complex Flooded At Least 3 Feet. Good Neighbors Saved Dogs Trapped Inside


22. Someone Stole A Kid’s Razor Scooter In Our Neighborhood. An Anonymous Neighbor Decided To Restore Some Joy Back For The Kid


23. My Neighbor Painted My Dog For Me And My Brother For Absolutely No Reason. We Love It

wholesome neighborsimgur.com

24. My Neighbors Brought Me A “Plate” Since I Didn’t Go Anywhere For Thanksgiving


25. Neighbors Helping Out Strangers During The Australian Bushfires. Everything Helps And It All Adds Up


26. Helping Your Neighbors In Need

wholesome neighborsupupandreneee

27. When You Do Not Have A Doggo But Your Neighbor Does


28. After Bad Storms, This Retired Old Man Goes Around Our Neighborhood And Cleans The Debris Out Of Yards And Catch Basins

wholesome neighborsHERMANNATOR85

When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude

29. Neighborhood Kids Were Using This Lady’s Yard For Sledding Without Asking. She Responded By Blasting Xmas Music Out Her Window, Putting On A Santa Hat With A Beard And Joining Them


30. My Son Was Looking Out Of The Window And Saw My Elderly Neighbor Walking In The Rainstorm Without An Umbrella On Friday. And Walked Him All The Way Home