40 Times People Share Their Experiences With Wholesome Neighbors

Living in a neighborhood with wholesome neighbors is awesome luck for people. It makes people’s day and even life much better being together with wholesome neighbors, kids, or strangers. Here are 40 stories that people share their experiences with their wholesome neighbors.

1. Neighbors That Care

wholesome neighborsThatgirl_Stacey

2. Lost My Husband Suddenly 6 Months Ago, Lost My Cat Last Week. Today, My Neighbor Brought Me This Baby Girl. Smiled For The First Time In Days And Haven’t Stopped


3. Awesome Neighbours

wholesome neighborsFlaminhaystack

4. A UPS Driver Went Above-And-Beyond This Year, Delivering Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns. Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero’s Salute


5. One Of My Neighbours Slipped This Under My Door While I Was Practising, I Thought They Were Going To Make A Noise Complaint But They Just Had A Request

wholesome neighborsned.dixon

I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping come from a balcony a few stories up which was super lovely. I’m in such a lovely mood now it’s so nice to be appreciated.

6. Some Guy Spraypainted Some Very Explicit Anti-Gay Slurs On A Garage Down The Street (A Gay Couple Live There), So Our Neighborhood Got Together And Painted This


7. So My 102 Year Old Neighbour Was Admitted To Hospital With A Stroke And She Still Remembered My 21st

wholesome neighborsDafer1993

8. Our Neighbor Gives Treats Through The Fence. Recently He Has Been Giving My Daughter Treats Too. This Is Them Waiting Patiently Today


9. A Note Left For A Neighbor

wholesome neighborsmissvh

10. Relationships Like These Are A Gift