40 Times People Share Their Experiences With Wholesome Neighbors

11. Learning Sign Language For A Deaf 3-Year-Old Neighbor

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12. In 2019, This 15-Year-Old Kid Started To Take Care Of His Elderly Neighbors Every Single Day After They Had Medical Setbacks. God Bless You Romemylion


13. We Ran Out Of Toilet Paper And Asked Our Downstairs Neighbor If We Could Borrow Some. This Is How It Arrived, Delivered To Our Door

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14. Good Neighbor


15. Our Neighbor Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi, So We Talked Her Through Joining Ours. Once On She Received 70 Messages From Her Children Living Overseas


16. My 90-Year-Old Neighbor Hasn’t Walked Her Dog In Years So I Volunteered To Do It For Her. So Proud Of Buddy’s Weight Loss

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17. Love Your Neighbor


18. These Kind Neighbors Repaired And Painted The House Of A Lonely, Retired School Teacher For Free

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19. These Young Guys Saved Their Elderly Neighbor Mr. C From A House Fire


This is Bridgeton. Mr. ‘C’ has lived here for nearly 50 years, and is well known in his neighborhood. Yesterday, unknown to him while he was watching television, this group saw smoke coming from the roof of his house. Rather than ignore it, they were concerned for their neighbor and alerted him. They got Mr. C out of his house while a neighbor climbed out the window with a fire extinguisher and slowed down a burning exhaust fan that was on fire.

20. Being Wholesome To Their Neighbor

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