30 Wholesome Acts Of Kindness By Kids

Here is a wholesome list of the most heartwarming acts of kindness by kids. These little ones have the biggest hearts.

1. Real Heroes

kids kindness_SJPeace_

2. My Six-Year-Old Nephew Bridger Saved His Little Sister’s Life By Standing Between Her And A Charging Dog


3. Kate Yelled Out In The Store “Daddy I Have A Twin!” The World Could Learn From Kids


4. I’m So Proud Of My Son, He Seen A Kid Balled Up Into A Corner Crying, So He Went To Console Him, Grabbed His Hand And Walked Him Inside Of The School


5. Just Wanted To Shed Some Light In This Dark World We Live In

Darrien Arnold

6. 12-Year-Old Kid Makes Shelter Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Home


7. Late Last Night, Myles Went On And On About How He Had To Be Twins With A Boy In His Class For Twin Day Because They Look Exactly The Same — Same Eyes, Same Hair. He Was Adamant That They Were Identical

Britney Tankersley

8. No Shame In Loving Your Mom

kids kindness


9. A 7 Year Old Promise

kids kindnesstherapistofturtles

10. Boy Prevents Kidnapping Of A Young Girl

Police Derry City & Strabane