What’s The Best ‘Forgot To Turn Off The Mic’ Story During Virtual Learning?


virtual learningthrowaway65476587698

Wouldnt say it’s the best, but definitely mildly embarrassing for me.

Early morning lecture, much earlier than I’d been used to getting up during the lockdown experience. Ended up slouched over on the couch listening with my eyes closed.

Suddenly get a message from one of my good friends also in the class saying I might want to mute my mic as I’d sort of half-fallen asleep and my heavy breathing/light snoring was coming through the microphone a little too loud.

I was absolutely mortified, can’t imagine it was exactly pleasing to the ears for anyone in the class at the time.



I’m a student, and my teacher was talking to his wife at first. Pretty normal right? Well, she leaves then he gets on the phone and says, “Yeah honey, my wife just left, wanna come over?” The entire class went bats**t bro.


virtual learningThe_Minstrel_Boy

A student’s mother had the habit of standing just off camera and very closely observing her kid. I know this because one time the student “forgot” to disable the mic. Everyone heard how the mother was coaching the student how to act. Don’t look my way, smile, pay attention. It was next-level helicoptering, right on the edge of abuse in my opinion.

Our school has a good counselor and the student is getting help. All the teachers have been advised to limit contact with the mother and not make waves, lest she withdraw the student or redouble her controlling behavior. I worry about it.



I had a student’s boyfriend (both college) walk up behind her on Zoom; reach into her shirt; pull out her breasts; and start doing a little boob dance. She was just laughing and playfully slapping his hands away.

This was probably 30 seconds after I had just gone through my whole speech of making sure there was nothing in your browser history, Google search history, or names of folders that could be embarrassing or offensive.


virtual learningGreenOnionCrusader

One of my professors classes had a student say something like “I just joined 5 minutes before class and this a**hole is already teaching.”

The professor just laughed and told him his mic was on.



I’m a college student. Last semester we had a girl place an entire dinner order over the phone with her mic on while we all tried to tell her that her mic was on. I think she had us muted. She was ordering Mediterranean food. I think she got a chicken gyro.


virtual learningalexbro001

I’m not a student, but work in the tech industry. I’ve been in meetings where people forget to mute themselves on LARGE company calls, with hundreds or thousands of attendees, and we’ll hear a fart and then a toilet flush. That’s about as interesting as these meetings get though



While giving a lecture on the ‘heated’ arguments among different schools of psychology, our prof screamed “Fire fire, there is fire” and most of the confused students included the teacher’s pets replied “I agree. those were some lit points.” Things turned out funnier and scarier when the prof went on with the screaming and we could hear her calling her house help and brother alarming them of a fire sparking up her switch board. So yeah, a confused, concerned class of 50 sat through the entire episode of turning out the fire while our prof revealed every dynamic of their family through her freaked out screams. and 30 min later she comes back to her lappy to unmute herself only to find a hundred “are you okay?” texts in the chat box.


virtual learningtuesdaycocktail

Work situation. I asked a question on zoom from someone and he didn’t answer (no video on), I asked again to confirm he was there, silence. “Hello?” he then panics and says “sorry I’m peeing”

Did I need to know that? I didn’t.



A girl’s mom: “Who the f**k you on the computer fo this early in the morning?” And asking the same thing over and over

Teacher: “_ I think your mic is on”