What’s That One Disgusting Thing That Everybody Except You Seems To Like?


disgusting thingBitnaa

Tik tok






‘Funny’ videos of people or animals puking. Some people legit think that’s funny, no it’s f**king festy.


disgusting thingv_0id

Pictures with babies. Or parents creating Facebook profiles in the name of their children, and that children are like… 3 years old, or less



Mega-tall burgers that nobody could actually eat and burgers completely covered in cheese or sauce. If you can’t taste everything in a single bite, your recipe/preparation is wrong. Big burgers should be wider, not taller. You’ve got a big burger offering? Break it down into multiple burgers. Same amount of food. Do you have a s**tload of melted cheese to offer? there are better ways than dousing a foot-tall burger in melted cheese if you plan on people to eat it instead of just sharing it on Facebook/TikTok/Instagram.


disgusting thing-Adub72-

People that let dogs lick their mouths. OMFG! What is wrong with them? They’ll often quote some bulls**t urban myth about dogs having sterile saliva or some such self deceiving rubbish so they can feel ok about their perverse desire to tongue kiss dogs.



Tiger King.

The guy is a sociopath who manipulated two young straight men into a sexual relationship, which ended in one of them committing suicide. Then he had the audacity to give the most tasteless eulogy in front of the guy’s family.

He’s a predator and I’m shocked that more non-straight and non-monogamous people aren’t speaking up against him being released and getting more screen time.


disgusting thingpaulpaulbee

You know what I think is sick and weird? Why do some people take pictures of their dead/dying family members? Like “at the hospital with my aunt,” and it’s pictures of someone’s aunt on breathing tubes unconscious. It makes no sense to me why you would take pictures and put them on social media.



Pictures with babies being gross, like with spaghetti all over their faces and that sort of thing. I do not get the appeal and doubt I ever will.



Zit, cyst etc. Popping videos