What’s A Tourist Attraction You’ve Been To That Was 100% Not Worth The Hype?



Hitlers typewriter. It’s a typewriter, I’m not sure what I expected.


tourist attractionBeobee1

Plymouth Rock

Put bluntly, this attraction is massively lame, no one even knows if this is the right rock or even if there was a rock.



Roswell, New Mexico. You’d think it would be a hotspot for conventions and space geeks, but it was an incredibly tiny town with dozens of alien shops and barely any people. It was creepy as hell.


tourist attractionaircraftwhisperer

Oktoberfest. Way too crowded for my liking. I had a much better time at fests in the smaller villages.



Romeo and Juliet’s balcony in Verona. Like, 10,000 people all crammed into this tiny alleyway just to see a balcony that I found out was built after the play was written.

I understand Romeo and Juliet is a work of fiction, but the story of the balcony is it inspired the play. I now know that isn’t true but as someone knowing very little about Shakespeare, I thought it was true when I went to the wonderful city of Verona.


tourist attractionWraithCadmus

M&M World in London. Every single tourist has a bag from there, they don’t even sell the unusual flavours of M&M, just the usual UK packets of peanut and solid chocolate. I just don’t understand it…



Hollywood Blvd


tourist attractionyeelee__sin_

Any instagram gimmick where you need to spend money on tickets and wait in line for a photo op

Specifically thinking of Museum of Ice Cream



Takeshita Street in Harajuku (Tokyo). I couldn’t move my elbows an inch without bumping into someone, and pretty much every shop had a 30-minute line. I went to see the Harajuku-style fashion associated Takeshita Street, but hardly saw any of that. So essentially I was packed like a sardine for hours while waiting in long lines to shop for overpriced clothes. I love Tokyo, but I definitely won’t be going back to Harajuku anytime soon.


The Fyre Festival