Ariz Ecocastle: Iran’s Largest Historical Tourist Resort

Most of the time when historical places turn into tourist resorts, the results are not that good, and somewhat problematic. Ariz Ecocastle in the Karakal Desert, Iran, however, has become a really good example of how to perform it. Originally, this structure was a castle that dates back to centuries ago. However, today, after a process of renovations, it operates as a tourist resort. The hotel is quite popular with local and foreign visitors due to its historical value, comfortable and authentic atmosphere, and location among the palm trees.

Ariz Ecocastle

Ariz Ecocastle, or Baqerabad Castle, was built by the son of Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi, once the ruler of Yazd. In the beginning, the castle had 45 rooms and 2 watchtowers. The primary purpose of the castle was to be a safe haven for citizens who wanted protection from bandits and thieves.

Ariz Ecocastle interior

However, as time passed the historical fort started losing its importance. Although in 2005, Iran officially added the castle to their national heritage list, it stayed under the radar for a long time. What changed the course of Ariz Ecocastle was the renovation work of its current owners who are husband and wife. The couple turned the castle into a hotel that they themselves run and live in.

Ariz Ecocastle walls

There are a lot of interesting aspects of the hotel that make it really popular among guests. The surrounding environment of the hotel is arguably the top of these aspects. Despite being located in a desert, the hotel is right in the middle of a huge palm grove. These palm trees in the desert sand certainly give a certain aura to the hotel, a harmonic contrast of yellow and green. Moreover, during the night, visitors sleep under a starry night as well.

Ariz Ecocastle lounge

The inside of the hotel is also a reason for its popularity. Visitors commend the interior facilities and activities like massage rooms, traditional baths, salt chambers, castle tours, and the local kitchen aside from the outside of the hotel. With these qualities up its sleeve, the Ariz Ecocastle remains one of the most popular places in Iran.

the hotel well
the hotel interior
the hotel sofa
Ariz Ecocastle from above