Biggest Railways Under Construction

These are the biggest railways currently under construction proving that trains are still very popular. Although there are faster and arguably more comfortable transportation methods many people prefer trains both for domestic and foreign traveling. Some of these trails go above the seas, and some go over deserts or through dense forests. While some are too fast, some sacrifice speed for spectacle.

Tren Maya (Mexico)

Tren Maya is one of the biggest railways under construction right now. It is a 1,500-kilometer-long intercity train rail traversing the Yucatan Peninsula. The rail starts at Cancun Airport and will travel towards Palenque.

tren maya trail

Announced in 2018, Tren Maya’s goal is to bring attention to the less-popular locations inland. These locations are rich in Mayan history but have stayed under the radar due to issues with easy transportation. By linking the major cities in the peninsula through the railway, Mexico will provide both comfortable access and transportation and new tourist spots.

tren maya of Biggest Railways
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Cross River Rail (Australia)

The Australian project Cross River Rail has been in development for 7 years and eyeing 2026 to finish. This is a 10-kilometer-long underground railway that is being built under the Brisbane River. Many consider this railway as one of the biggest projects in the country in recent years.

cross river rail tunnel

Although there exists a subway underneath the river right now, the officials were worried that it would reach its capacity. Since the region is famous for its business district with thousands of people entering and exiting, Cross River Rail will ease the worries and offer practicality.

cross river rail train
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High Speed 2 (United Kingdom)

Running at a maximum speed of 360 km/h between various stations in Scotland and England, High Speed 2 is Britain’s second high-speed train rail. While the British are a few years away from fully enjoying the high-speed trains, the project is not without progress.

hs2 of Biggest Railways

High Speed 2 will both use new and existing rails in Britain and will significantly decrease the travel times between the two countries and their respective stations. The trail will go for as far as 230 kilometers and the UK governments are planning to plant 2 million trees along the railway to enhance the views of the travel.

high speed 2 construction

Maglev Bullet Train (Japan)

It is no news that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, if not the most. Therefore, it is only logical to expect that the transportation system in the country is highly advanced as well. Millions of Japanese people use the subway and trains every month. Japan is planning to provide millions with the fastest train in the world: the Maglev Bullet Train.

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The word maglev comes from a mix of two words: magnetic and levitation. Through the use of an electrodynamic suspension system, the Maglev trains quite literally float above the air. This system makes the Maglev much faster with a speed of 500 kilometres per hour, safer, and environmentally friendly.

maglev train exhibition

Etihad Rail (UAE)

Arguably, the biggest infrastructure project in the history of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Rail is a 1200-kilometre-long railway. Today, it is one of the biggest railways under construction, and it will be the first national railway network that connects the seven emirates after completion. According to the first estimations, the railway will be able to carry 16 million people.

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Etihad Rail is actually a part of the Gulf Cooperation Council rail programme which has a fund of over 100 billion dollars. The GCC railway will link the member countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman and will be operational shortly.

etihad rail train